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2020+ Hilux Intercooler

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This front-mount intercooler kit is designed for the drivers chasing increased and sustainable torque and power from their N80 GUN126R 1GD-FTV Hilux. The intercooler provides better cooling ability and airflow all-round and is easily capable of supporting modifications producing upwards of 200kw at the wheels.

We've recorded reduced inlet temps by 20°C and a 6kw power increase at the wheels with a standard tune . It also improves the factory air/fuel mixture, allowing for safe increases to fuel mix when tuning.

The factory Toyota intercooler core size is 640x150x60mm, giving a surface area of 960cm­², and a volume of 5760cc.
Our intercooler measures 500x300x76mm, giving a massive surface area of 1500cm², and a huge volume of 11400cc.
That's a 56% increase in surface area cooling, and almost twice the volume at 98% increase!

HPD 4WD intercooler kits are designed to give amazing performance, reliability, consistent and sustainable power. By reducing inlet temperatures, you will also reduce engine running temperatures.

 Kit features:

  • Bar & Plate Core 500x300x76mm
  • Alloy mandrel bent piping
  • Quality silicone hoses
  • CNC billet mounting boss
  • German-made load rated clamps
  • Intercooler piping 63mmø 
  • Stainless steel laser cut brackets
  • Australian made supporting local jobs