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3.5” MR Triton (2019+) 304 Stainless Steel Exhaust System

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Fitment must be by a professional ONLY
This is a high quality stainless steel system that is a direct replacement for the standard factory exhaust.

This system is hand made in house. All of our products are Australian made from the highest quality, locally sourced components.

The 3.5 inch system provides the maximum possible flow out of the DPF. This results in an increase of exhaust note and volume and helps unload the DPF improving performance.

This exhaust will give you the most possible noise with the DPF in place.


- 304 stainless steel system

- mounting hardware supplied, everything required for installation

- single bolt join for a perfect seal and ease of installation

- Australian made by hard working Aussie fabricators

- doest effect new car warranty. The dealers are accepting of exhaust systems as long as it maintains the DPF

- Freighted directly to your door for ease of fitting at home with basic hand tools

- No cutting or welding required.

- Improved performance, especially with additional supporting mods such as intake and chip.

- improved exhaust note

For install and sound video click here