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This top mounted intercooler kit was specifically designed for the early model GU TD42 patrol models that were built with a factory turbo but not intercooled. 

By the addition of intercooler we achieve a cooler inlet temperature and allow the ability to run a higher boost level and in turn more fuel making more power.

The EXTREME top mount by HPD is a great addition for those chasing mid-range power, anywhere between stock power levels right through to 150-160kw at the rear wheels whilst maintaining a stable inlet temperature and a stable AFR. 
With the right supporting modifications this kit will be an extremely valuable addition to your setup that you can rely on time and time again.

The factory TD42 intercooler core size is 230x220x70mm, giving a surface area of 506cm­², and a volume of 3542cc.
Our intercooler measures 450x300x76mm, giving an much larger surface area of 1350mm², and a huge volume of 10260cc.
That's over 2.5 times increase in surface area cooling, and almost 3 times increase in cooling volume!

Why bar and plate? Well the answer is simple, strength! A bar and plate core design is much much stronger than tube and fin whilst still maintaining outstanding thermal efficiency and flow. when you are working your vehicle in a remote location the peace of mind that comes with a bar and plate HPD intercooler cannot be surpassed.

This kit now features our new and improved bonnet scoop. Our HPD scoop is now a urethane injected moulding design made all in-house. The result of countless hours of R&D it has proven to be the most robust design available on the market. Its unique design has extremely durable recessed metal threads and features the HPD trademark.

Kit features:

  • Bar & Plate Core 450x300x76mm
  • 450x470x60mm bonnet scoop
  • 10" Thermo fan
  • Alloy mandrel bent piping
  • Quality silicone hoses
  • German load rated worm drive hose clamps
  • powder coated steel mounting frames with MIG welded mounting brackets
  • Hot side piping 51mmø (2")
  • Cold side piping 63mmø (2.5")
  • 6mm integrated boost signal from cold side end tank
  • billet inlet and turbo compressor adaptors
  • rubber pinch weld bonnet seal


HPD 4WD intercooler kits are designed to give amazing performance, reliability, consistent and sustainable power. By reducing inlet temperatures, you will also reduce engine running temperatures