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NP300 Throttle Grenade

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  1. PLUG & PLAY no mechanical skills required 5 minute install.
  2. State-of-the-art user interface with 6 calibrated & guesswork-free OFFROAD focused modes.
  3. Enhance your off-the-bitumen missions via 39 OFFROAD-combat-ready throttle sensitivity settings. Engineered to deliver you the upper hand by offering the ability to fine-tune of your 4X4s throttle response to match your unique driving style.
  4. XPLODE into any in- your-sights situations that call for an all-out-OFFROAD-assault with 1 touch GRENADE LAUNCHER technology.
  5. Safeguard your 4X4 with built-in anti-theft technology, allowing you to DISARM your throttle whenever at base.
  6. Latest speed-of-light dual 32bit processing chip (4 times more powerful then you know who).
  7. Stay ahead of the pack with a sleek, modern & backlit LCD user interface unit

Crawl Mode 

Battlefield proven throttle response technology, engineered to assist you gain-the-upper-hand during critical OFFROAD combat that demand nothing less than military spec throttle control.

Calibrated for:

- Crawling

- Flexing / step-ups

- Rutted hill climbs / descents

- Self / assisted recovery

- Winching

- Wet blacktop driving

Sand & Mud

Enhanced throttle response parameters, uniquely programmed to weaponised your OFFROAD vehicle when leading on-the-charge sand & mud Assaults.

Calibreted for:

- Sand / mud / snow terrains

- Water crossings

- Performance blacktop driving



Ready to take your OFFROAD missions to the next level? Tow, hill climb & snatch your 4X4 allies from the trenches like never before.

Calibreted for:

- On & OFFROAD towing

- Steep rut-free hill climbs

- Snatching

- Performance OFFROAD driving


Strap yourself in for Full-Metal-Jacket OFFROAD war! XPLOSIVE performance. You've been warned solider!


Give the command to activate advanced throttle response intel & keep your focus on the mission ahead as your controller intelligently auto-calibrates your throttle sensitivity to enhance your vehicles OFFROAD performance.