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RA Throttle Grenade

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  1. 5 minute, no mechanical skills required, PLUG & PLAY install.
  2. Latest speed-of-light dual 32bit processing chip (4 times more powerful then most), guaranteeing you a much smoother, more enhanced throttle control & accelerator responsiveness upgrade.
  3. Unmatched 4X4 electronic throttle system calibration via 6 guesswork free & 4X4 use specific throttle controller modes. 
  4. Hyper customise your 4X4s accelerator sensitivity to combat any terrain via 39 gradual sensitivity settings spread across 6 modes.  
  5. XPLODE into any in-your-sights driving situations with 1 touch GRENADE LAUNCHER technology.
  6. Immobilise your 4X4 with touch-of-a-button anti-theft technology & DISARM all communication from your accelerator pedal to your throttle body whenever at base.
  7. Stay ahead of the pack with a sleek, modern & backlit LCD user interface module.