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Citrus Pre Wash

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Citrus Pre-Wash is a product to be used prior to shampooing your car; it removes excess dirt and general road grime to prep your car for washing. The citrus oils enable great grime penetration, allowing it to be an exceptionally effective cleaner. This product is designed to minimise the breakdown of waxes and sealants. 


Directions for use

  1. Spray our citrus directly on area you wish to clean.
  2. Allow product to 2-3 minutes for product to dwell (make sure not to allow the product to dry).
  3. Rinse away with pressure washer or with garden hose.


  • SAFE to use on all paints/coatings.
  • DO NOT allow product to dry on surface in dwelling stage. 
  • DO NOT use on vinyl wrap/signage. 

Due to production times chemicals may vary in colour.