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MK2 (05/2018-04/2020)N80 PSR Bar Hoopless

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Body Lift

Price is PRODUCT only, after purchase we will email you freight cost or alternatively email first for a quote

2-8 week lead time (Depending on options picked)

Our unique design is proudly 100% Aussie made in-house at PSR headquarters, tested and approved we offer a bar like no other on the market. Sleek lines, tough as nails design and a huge approach angle makes our bar tough to beat.

Ambush Bars are available in 5 different variations:

  • Hoopless
  • Sheet Metal Hoop
  • Low Single Hoop
  • Single Hoop
  • Triple Hoop

A huge feature of the Ambush Bar design allows the purchase of a Hoopless bar and at a later stage a hoop variation can be added allowing you to change the look of the bar. This applies to the Sheet Metal or Low Single Hoop which are bolted to the bar, or if purchased initially will be supplied assembled to the bar.

Every Ambush Bar comes with built in high quality 4 LED driving lights which feature a 2 LED spot and 2 LED spread combo for optimum visibility in night time driving conditions and are backed by a 5 year warranty! Also supplied as standard is a PSR fairlead which is available in 2 variations of Slimline or Standard with a choice of silver or black which allows you to tailor the look you desire!

Two finish options are available. The Satin Black option is a powdercoated black satin finish, the other is a painted finish. We offer this as a "painted to colour code of vehicle" not colour coded.

The difference is as follows;

Painted to the colour code does not take into account any variation of factory code number sequence nor any repairs that have been made previously to the vehicle. Colour code is the standard colour code, no variation.

Hoops are available in 2 variations with colour matched bars, either full Colour Match or Satin Black hoops.

Our bar can be supplied in Standard, 1" and 2" body lift configurations and adding to the versatility of the Ambush range mounts are available to purchase separately, thus allowing adding or removing of body lift to accommodate bar position.

An infill is supplied with every bar and to add contrast is finished in charcoal grey. This unique addition is the PSR "Pre-Runner" infill.INFILL WILL NOT FIT WITH PHAT BARS BASH GUARDS AS THEY USE A SPACER TO LOWER THE BASH GUARD.

Twin aerial mounts (positioned on the left of center hoop) are also included as standard with an additional that can be added at the time of purchase (right side of center hoop). (See picture in listing).

An additional product can be purchased that offers more wheel coverage, see splash guard option on product drop down. This can also be purchased at a later date if required.

All standard low mount winches fit inside the bar winch cradle area.

Please click here to see product warranty information.