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Nitro Max Light Bars (7” - 45”)

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Colour Temperature & Mount
Rim Colour
  • NEW Performance you won’t believe – unrivalled distance and width outputs
  • NEW Widr® Optic – This unique reflector delivers market leading output, achieving huge distance with excellent spread
  • NEW Usable light – now 1800M
  • Designed and Made in Australia for the toughest environments on earth
  • Available with either 4500k or 5700k Colour Temperature
  • Both side and base mounts are available
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • A wiring harness and anti-theft nuts are included free of charge
  • Includes clear protective lens covers

The new Nitro Maxx range of light bars now have boosted performance, with the updated LED light bar delivering an increased beam distance of 54%.

The Nitro light bars have become a hugely popular addition to the Nitro Maxx range. Featuring the Widr® optic for width and a Contrl® optic for distance, the Nitro Light Bar takes performance to another level. 

Both side and base mounts are available, ensuring that fitment is simple in any application.  

A wiring harness and anti-theft nuts are supplied with each bar. Please specify base or side mounting at the time of ordering.

55W (7”) Light Bar - 650m of Usable Light

105W (13”) Light Bar - 900m of Usable Light 

155W (18”) Light Bar - 1100m of Usable Light

205W (24”) Light Bar - 1300m of Usable Light

255W (30”) Light Bar - 1400m of Usable Light

305W (35”) Light Bar - 1600m of Usable Light

355W (40”) Light Bar - 1700m of Usable Light

405W (45”) Light Bar - 1800m of Usable Light